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Originally Posted by lbmksu View Post
Good point, but the main idea is still valid. The excitement of local competition is lost when the bulk of the competitors are not even from the same state/region.
Well, it's different in different regions. I'm sure in Kansas there are lots of events. Here in the northeast teams drive several hundred miles to a contest because they have to, not because they are point whores. There are cuirrently NO contests in my home state, so I am always an "out of state" team. If I limited myself to events within a 2 hour drive, I could do 3 events a year max.

Anyway, I think KCBS needs to continue to sanction both large and small contests, and promote the sport. I don't see why these have to be mutually exclusive activities.

The big entry fees at the mega events mostly go to event expenses and back to the teams as payouts. Does KCBS really benefit more (in terms of revenue) at a single contest with 200 judges vs. 4 contests with 50 judges?
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