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Originally Posted by Harbormaster View Post
Read your previous thread on this. Glad you pulled the trigger on it.
I have never had a Traeger, but I certainly dont think seasoning the inside of it would be a bad thing. I'm sure someone else will pipe in.
As far as seasoning it regularly after that, I think that if the seasoning isn't flaking off or anything, just leave it. When you cook on it, enough fat will probably aerosolize (is that really a word?) and just continuously season the pit.

Good to see you around here again!
thanks. I think this guy just used it for hotdogs and burgers so it never got a layer of goo on it so it is rusted more than i was expecting. I am sure that the tritips, pork butts, ribs and ect will get it a nice layer of oil on it so it will stop rusting.

Good to see you still on here. my mom just got home from pardeeville...
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