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Dinner was real tasty boys! All the sides didn't hurt either. My lady made some great pasta salad and mashed potatoes, she mixes a parm ranch into the taters, real good! I did my beans with brown sugar, mustard, and bbq sauce....

Pork was good, nice pink smoke ring. Half away from the fire pulled real easy, near the fire was a little more sliced. I woulda liked a little more tender and juicy but still good for the first time. I'm my hardest critic, like I'm sure you all are too...

My big worries were not being ready soon enough or being inedible. My meat was neither, so it's a win for me.

I also mixed up a Carolina blend sauce. Based it with bbq sauce and added apple cider vinegar, apple juice, yellow mustard, red pepper flakes, oil and brown sugar. Blended that in with some cabbage for a slaw and put it on burger buns...real nice.

Thanks again for your help y'all!!
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