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You know what I tried something a bit different this last go and it worked out really great. I had to be somewhere and my butts were only at 150. I would have been gone past the 165 mark so I foiled them then. They had some decent bark on them and they had gotten some good smoke. I came back. And checked the butts. My therms got funked up so I set them aside. I opened the foil and saw there was a ton of juice in each one. So I left them foiled but I opened the foil just a bit so some of the fat could cook off but the meat would soak in some juice. This also let the bark crisp up a bit too.

I'll tell ya what these were some of the juiciest butts I've ever made. I'm thinking of foiling earlier more often now.

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I've never tried injecting butts. Probably because i couldn't decide on what I wanted to inject it with. I do foil a butt when internal temp hits about 165 and add 4 or 5 oz of apple juice at that time. The meat should be done around 190. You'll know by how well the probe slides in.
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