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Default Brined Chicken Breasts

Finally took time to get in a little chicken practice this weekend. Practice round was an awesome success. Juicier chicken than I've ever made by any method including frying!

Brine was simple, 2qts water, 6 tbsp ea- Kosher salt (use 3 of table salt if you don't have kosher on hand) and brown sugar. I added 1Tbsp ea- garlic powder and onion powder for flavor (I'll be experimenting further with the flavors). Brined for 1 hour and 5-10 mins. Patted dry and used Tony C's for a rub.

Cooking technique was provided by Jim Minion. Thanks Jim, worked like a dream, even where I screwed up.

Cooked @ 250-275 with cherry and sasafrass. Jim suggested pulling @ 157 and not allowing to exceed 165. Well... I got distracted by friends dropping by and didn't get back to my chicken until they were well past that. The 5 split breasts I had ranged from 170-185 internal when I got them out. Even the donest one was very juicy and flavorful. Best chicken I ever made.
If you haven't brined a boobie, ya gotta try this.

Jim thanks again and please feel free to elaborate on the instructions.
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