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Default FIRST PORK BUTT advice/help/suggestions?

Hey all, so far I've just played around with chicken thighs and sausages on my Char-Griller SP, but tomorrow morning I'm doing my first Pork Butt.

I'm gettin a little pre-cook anxiety so I need your help!

I got a 7.5 lb boneless butt cause that's what they had at the store.

I've marinated it for a few hours tonight in a simple marinade and about to dry rub it for the night.

Now my questions......

1. Is this gonna be enough to feed 10 people?

2. At what grill temp should I cook it?

3. How long should I expect it to take?

4. Mop?

I had always figured I'd start with Brisket so I haven't done my homework as well as I should. That's why I'm coming to YOU fine folks!

Any help would be MUCH appreciated!!!
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