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Default Which weber to grab off CL?

Looking for a kettle to compliment my BGE....

I recently *made* a friend buy a one touch silver (actually technically, I took his credit card, told him i was using it to buy him a proper grill, and went to walmart and bought it), and i was so impressed with how good it cooked that I want a kettle of my own. I bought him a chimney, a bag of kingsford (no royal oak at this walmart), a bag of hickory chips, and a cryo of spare ribs (gotta love super walmarts for one stop shopping, wish we had one near me).

The ribs that came off this silly little $89 kettle were perfect in every way, I would have been proud to have served them from my BGE or some high end competition rig.

So, my question is. Which one should I look for? The performer seems nice, theres one in my area on CL for $50 in good condition. The gas light seems nice i guess, but gimmicky.

the one touch silvers are as simple as they come, but with no thermometer it's all a "feel" thing...theres one for sale with a chimney and a bag of charcoal for $29 used one season.

THeres also some new in boxes 22.5" one touches i can get for around $60.

any thoughts/suggestions?
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