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somebody shut me the fark up.
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The fun really started today. Downloaded the business registration paperwork (for catering/mobile vending) - three farking pages and require $150 be submitted along with 3 copies of the floorplan - and this is for a concession TRAILER!!!

Needless to say this won't be happening until I get the rig ready. Fortunately I've got my "commissary" in the bag - catering free for the church is just about to pay off BIG TIME! :D

On the other hand - started the business plan -- what a joy!! You think writing a resume is bad? Try writing a business plan for a startup!! I think I'm losing my mind!! :D

Of course if I can scank the bank out of $120-150K startup costs I'll be set!! Fat chance! It's probably going to be credit card and personal loans for the first couple of years - that's why the Lang 84 is looking good - I can afford it and the trailer right now - anything else I got to wait and that isn't earning any $$$

The saga will continue -- who needs a freakin' BLOG?? I got this forum. :D
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