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Originally Posted by deguerre View Post
Update. Absolutely no color change after four days of direct sunlight and the peppers are getting soft so I put them in the fridge. Also, Saturday I had bought a few additional and forgot about them, leaving them in the clear plastic produce bag that had been twistied closed, left on the kitchen counter. Tuesday, when discovered, one had become completely red except for the very tip and was still firm, two were partially red but were soft and beginning to mold and the other three were still completely green. One firm, the other two softening and a wee bit moldy. I think I'll have to try the brown paper bag thing next.


Update on my expirement - nothing happened... well, the peppers started getting soft & wrinkled but that's it. Even the one put in with the tomatoes did nothing.

It's not very warm around here right now either, not sure if that has anything to do with it...?
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