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Welcome to the forum! Jump over to Cattle Call and Introduce yourself.

To answer you question, most of us cook by meat temp for large meat cuts. Look here for a full discussion:

The "Roadmap" contains a wealth of info on common topics.

I cook by meat internal temps, but my time seems to go up with the "high thermal loading" of more meat. But, if airflow is not blocked, nothing signifigant.

What kind of cooker do you have--that will influence the effect and our guys own a bunch of each type!
A lot of us put the cooker in our signatures--helps interpret questions and answers :D
Hope this helps,

Admin guys--does this need to be "zoomed" over to Q-talk????

EDIT--Not contradicting jminion
I was writing while he was posting! Just different approaches (I think) and mine is one I find consistant for guys like me. Listen to Jim-for sure!
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