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Originally Posted by willkat98
Originally Posted by Neil
Congratulations Chris, I've currently gone back to school to get into the nursing program at 49. It's never to late to improve oneself.
Thats funny

I'll bet my dogs ass that you ain't even close to 49.

I say 38, tops.

CK, awesome dude. I tanked my GMAT's, then told them to go shove the farking area of a triangle up their ass, it doesnt show business acumen. Got 3 acceptances after adding that to the application section of "anything you'd like to add"
I'll take that as a compliment, hell I'll take anything as a compliment, there too hard to come by. BD 03/23/55. Five months and eight days I'll be turning the big 50. Combination of good longevity genes (folks in their mid 80's look mid 60's) and just for men ash brown. When I hit 40 I decided fat and 40 was bad enough, no way was I going to be fat, 40, and gray. How's the song go...I'm so vane, remember I used punch cards in my college programming course with FortranIV. Back on topic,
its tougher to get back in the going to school mod later in life but once you do, at least in my case, its easier to stay focussed. Don't have all those toaga parties to concentrate on.
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