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Originally Posted by deguerre View Post
OK, I've got 19 green biguns (about 1 1/2 lbs)strung through the stem hanging in the kitchen window for direct sunlight to see if they'll ripen to red!
I'd like to know what happens!
I started my expirement the other night too.
I took 4 green peps and 3 paper bags, 1 pep and a ripe banana, 1 pep and an apple, 1 pep by itself in a bag and 1 pep on the windowsil.

I left each in their respective spot for 24 hrs and then removed them and observed absolutely no change. Granted, 24 hrs isn't much, but a tomatoe will ripen or start to within that short time.

I now have the pep that was with the apple in a paper bag with 2 tomatoes still on the vine... I'll letcha know what doesn't happen!
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