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Originally Posted by Wayne
I would venture to say that anything that is deep fried will tast good. I like fried chicken, steak, pies, apples (wraped in pastry), potatos , onions, ocra, fish, pork tenders, turkeys, and especially cordon bleu. But I really do not want to fuss with the oil. I have a friend that fries turkeys and they are always good, bit not that much better than my easy to fix smoked turkey. I also kind of like the smoked flavor that only happens when you smoke the bird.

It helps if you know someone who owns or works in a restaraunt that has a grease disposal trap. If you don't know anyone like that you could take it to some recycleing facilities or you could just put it back in the container and throw it in the trash and hope the trash guys don't put any fire in the dump truck.
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