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Originally Posted by KnucklHed BBQ View Post
I don't see why you couldn't, I like to cut the peps open to allow the smoke inside since the skin is impossible to penetrate. If you were gonna hang em after, I'd split them from the tip to the stem into quarters, but leave the stem on, that way you could tie them by the stem to dry, and the smoke still gets inside and they dry quicker.

I do notice tho, if I leave the peps on a rack or something to finish drying for a couple of days, the potentcy of the smoke deminishes quite a bit, that could be good or bad I guess.

Instead of the soldering iron deal, what about 4 lit briqs on one side of your kettle with a chunk of wood on top of them? That should smoke low enough... You could fit a lot more of em on there too.

Let me know what you end up doing, I'd like to hear what results you have!
Duh. That way I could use mesquite chips in a foil packet too so they wouldn't oxidze so quickly and just smolder instead of burn. Just keep replacing with the four coals etc until enough smoke has been absorbed.
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