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Originally Posted by Ford View Post
Deep frying - oil heated to high temps prior to adding meat and meat totally submerged.

Perfectly legal butter cooking method - not submerged. Butter starts cold not heated.

Nice try but there's clearly a big difference. Have you taken a class so that you understand what the butter method is or are you making assumptions?
no, never took a class. I guess I understand the butter method but I don't understand the rules.

I have no intent on deep frying anything, I had an idea that I wanted to try. I checked the rules and my first thought was that my idea could be construed as frying. But then I got to thinking that the butter method is accepted, so cooking in fat was ok. I had to assume it must be more of an oil temp issue, than the oil itself. And I hadn't really thought about the amount of fat and whether the meat is submerged or not.

I always interpreted the butter method as a take on confit. Am I incorrect?
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