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Originally Posted by BBQ Grail View Post
I'm not stirring the pot at all. One of the great things about this forum is the free exchange of ideas, techniques and other information. We have to be able to say something isn't quite right or we end up just telling each other how great we are and that doesn't lead to learning.
I completely agree!

Do you have a place that you're abe to buy smoked jalapeno powder from, or do you make it?

Originally Posted by BBQ Grail View Post
And as a PS. When you grind that stuff, do it outside and wear a respirator.
Are you kidding me?? I usually have the kids go in the closet and grind em', that way I don't have to breath it!
Like I would do that horrible job myself! Now there's some sarcasm for ya'!

Originally Posted by deguerre View Post
Question - I can not find red jalapenos anywhere near me. Sometimes a green one that is partially orange bordering on red - but is it the same species that has ripened or is it a sub-species? I do understand the flavor difference between the two but if they both come from the same plant, does the red come from vine ripening only?
Yeah, now that I think about it, what I was thinking of when I saw red jalapenos that cost $3-$4'lb, I don't think they were japs at all now, different shape... they had a pointed curved end on them, not the more blunt round end that japs usually have. I think it might have just said "Red Chili Peppers" too. So difficult to find "different" stuff around here sometimes...

Originally Posted by BobBrisket View Post
What you can try is this. If you have any japs leftover, leave a couple of them out on the counter or near a window (sunny area) for a few days. THey should start to turn red. They will soften and wilt a bit, but they will turn red to orange. The key is not letting them go too far, as they will spoil from the inside out. You could also string them up and hang them outside and that will speed up the process.
Obviously the best way is to let them redden on the plant, but that can't always be done.
Most of the mom and pop places here simply sort out the ones that are turning red and then sell them for more simply cause of the color.
I need to make another batch of the jap flakes I smoked up some months back. That stuff perks up all kinds of stuff from salsas to plain ol mashed taters. You can also leave some of em whole and dried for later use in things like soups and stews.
Man, that grate full of japs looks nice!!

I'll try ripening a few up that way, I was also thinking that I'd expirement and put a few in a paper bag for a day with a ripe apple and another with a ripe tomato. Both of which produce a decent amount of ethylene gas which is what causes them to ripen. We'll see if a pepper ripens that way too!

It would be nice if they did, I'd like to try smoking red japs too and compare the difference in flavors.

Thanks for the info fellas!
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