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Originally Posted by KnucklHed BBQ View Post
If Larry didn't have his sarcasm, we'd think he was ill!

I wish my growing season was longer than 3 months around here, I'd try growing some peps myself. He have a saying around here, We have 9 months of winter and 3 months of relatives coming to visit...

I'm kinda wondering now, do peppers ripen up via the same ethylene gas that ripe fruit puts off? Could I buy $0.99/lb green japs and use ripe tomatoes or apples to get them red?? Could I call them the "C" word then Larry?
What you can try is this. If you have any japs leftover, leave a couple of them out on the counter or near a window (sunny area) for a few days. THey should start to turn red. They will soften and wilt a bit, but they will turn red to orange. The key is not letting them go too far, as they will spoil from the inside out. You could also string them up and hang them outside and that will speed up the process.
Obviously the best way is to let them redden on the plant, but that can't always be done.
Most of the mom and pop places here simply sort out the ones that are turning red and then sell them for more simply cause of the color.
I need to make another batch of the jap flakes I smoked up some months back. That stuff perks up all kinds of stuff from salsas to plain ol mashed taters. You can also leave some of em whole and dried for later use in things like soups and stews.
Man, that grate full of japs looks nice!!

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