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There was no sarcasm intended at all. They are what they are. You can choose to call them whatever you want. I'm not going to call them chipotles. They are smoked jalapenos. And there's nothing wrong with smoked jalapenos, I actually used smoked jalapeno powder all the time.

The flavor profile between a green jalapeno and a red ripe jalapeno is different and when smoked gives an entirely different flavor.

I'm not stirring the pot at all. One of the great things about this forum is the free exchange of ideas, techniques and other information. We have to be able to say something isn't quite right or we end up just telling each other how great we are and that doesn't lead to learning.

There are others who would have jumped all over you for calling something chipotle when it wasn't. I thought my approach was gentle, yet effective.

Be that as it may, what you posted and your technique is very informative and I'm sure the powder you make will be awesome.

And as a PS. When you grind that stuff, do it outside and wear a respirator.

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