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Originally Posted by Neil View Post
I smoked a 14# choice whole packer on friday for 8 hours in the 275-300 range on the WSM and it turned out perfect. I like the higher heat, thanks Donny. BTW no foil was used except to line the water pan.
Sorry this is a bit off topic or smoker specific but the I think the ? is still relevant discussing temps.

Hi Neil,

Are you using an 18 or 22 WSM? What type of charcoal are you using? Water or sand in the water pan? Stoker?

On our 22's, full simmering water pan (which we get great results with and aren't about to ditch for sand or alt), all vents wide open, no stoker, Royal Oak charcoal, we are hard pressed to get above 285 and keep it there - always settles back into the 250 to 275 range which is partly why that has become our comfort zone - this also gives us some vent control depending on wind and ambient. Will run in that zone with full load for a good 5 hours.

For hot and fast we just leave the water pan in but empty. No problem getting 350/375 when needed. But big fan of water smokers and the results. Sounds like your maintaining higher temps approaching 300 with a full water pan? Is this correct? If so how?

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