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You have seen both of my beasts. I came to the same conclusion too Obviously. I once did calzones at 425 and above and I felt like I was a stoker in the titanic keeping the temp up. Lots of chopping wood into smaller wrist size sticks to get it up high. and Always stocking the box.

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I never cooked at 225.

With my first pit (a Pitts & Spitts) I usually rode around 235-240 as seemed like it gave me a cushion at the time if temps dropped or spiked a bit.. When I had the WSM's, 245-255 was where I used to lock them in at. Then I moved to the Spicewine and carried the 245-255 over with a Guru but cooked the briskets hotter to the top and rear where I believe it was more like 260-270. Haven't done a brisket in the BGE.

Now, based on my initial experiences with the Klose as primary brisket cooker, I'll likely be in the 275 range and I can also work closer to firebox for more heat if I choose but I don't forsee pushing 300+ regularly.. I like the 275 range as a happy medium.
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