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Default Long term rub storage advice?

So, I made a batch of my Dynamite rib rub a couple weeks ago (thinking ahead for the holiday cook) but when I went to use it yesterday, the brown sugar had already started to crystalize. It got me to thinking- there has to be a way to stop this from happening.

Either the containers I've been storing the rub in might not be as air-tight as I thought they were, or;

I should mix all the spices and herbs together, but leave the sugar out until the day of the cook, or;

I've seen some commercial rubs use Silica Dioxide to prevent caking- anyone know if this will also stop the brown sugar from crystalizing? Anyone have a connection that I can get ahold of some from?

It's not a huge deal, and I'm already stuck with the containers I have because I'm on a very tight budget and can't afford to really replace the whole set right now.

I know the little sugar clumps just roll off during the rub application, but i hate to see things go to waste. As I said, on a tight budget.

Fire away!
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