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Originally Posted by barbefunkoramaque View Post
Yeah well I did that because I am comparing some stuff from about 2-3 years ago with now. I am amazed actually. I thought that the range of basically below 240 or so would blow out.

I stoipped it at that level because if I used 275 it would kind of be a catch all for everyone. I base this on records from this forum and another of how people ridiculed or rejected temps above 250. Maybe we hot and faster are not such a minority anymore. I look at it this way.... if you eat brisket it cuts of a certain portion of your life due to it being unhealthy... so taking 12 plus hours to make it cuts off more. There should be balance. LOL Solution, cook faster and the time you loose from dying early from a stroke will be offest (no pun entended) by the time you saved not nursing it. Of course like those fat free cookies, some may just eat more.

But I am not sure why the 225 region is not exploding. I knew there where a handfull of us at one time that cooked at above 270 or so (My first Brisket at 350-400 is resting in the oven right now and I did it on the weber so it screamed to completion at about 4.5 hours , a 14 lber. (95 cent a pound at HEB untrimmed so what the hey).

I keep seeing a new word pop up in our usual every 6 hour "Brisket Help" threads and that's HotnFast. Lots of people are trying it. Heck, I am actually doing a TRUE hot and fast as my Brazos pit I usually cook under 325.

But I had NO idea (I know its early in the game) that the ranks would blow out the lower temp (not the really really jerky making temps of under 220, but the 225 range.

LEts get those votes in!
OOPS, I meant option 3. 250 will include the 225-250 range most people use to shoot for. I remember starting out and I always shot for 225-250. Now I don't have the time to waste and if I can keep turning out briskets in 4-5 hours like the 15 lber I did Sat, I'll stay around 300. Gives me more time to spend with the family.
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