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Originally Posted by barbefunkoramaque View Post
This could be the case, I had a pit that no matter what therm I put on it, it read incredibly low. But once again, anyone who IS cooking their Brisket cooked at truly 200 degrees is making dried out Q. Maybe if they wrap it in foil most of the way or have an EXTREMELY tight pit bordering on a vacuum chamber. Furthermore, for the cooking part (not ring set) zilch happens to brisket under 212.... zilch, (well over a god damn long time maybe something will) and I can count of three hands the restaurants I have advised that did not heed my warning and have since gone out of business because for "timing issues" they chose to smoke at 215, 212, 200.

I have also seen my share of people on this forum and others that have tried the Night Train Experiment (especially those north of the belt) who come to a realization that their palette was the victim of local inexperience.

The tone you notice was one of a guy who knows what the common pitfalls are of people who think they know how to make Q. And, we have all, everyone in this forum, have served our share of crap to those who would never complain.

Nothing at all personal. If I sound like an ******* then add "good judge of people" to your list of skills.
Poppdaddy, i had too check it out and i guess we are both correct. i however have given some bad advice unless somebody happens to be using the same crappy set up i am.

i set up the el cheapo offset as usual and when my maverik read 230 at middle of the pit i read the thermo at the far end and it read....195. the firebox side read about 260.

i guess i was doing it right, just not reporting it very well. i used 190 on that end because when i first got the thing i would do ribs that were always tuff if i let the far end get over 200-210.

Moda, sorry if you took my poor advice, (we will have to get together some time too talk football, and i will buy you a replacement brisket)

Popps...please dont take this as me stroking your ego, cuz i think you do a good enough job stroking yourself. j/k brother keep it low and slow..... but not too low
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