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Originally Posted by Seavs View Post
I am smoking a 7 1/2 lbs brisket on a New Braunfels (Bandera) smoker...I plan to cook it at 225 for about 10-12 question is..would you recommend that I cook it fat side up without flipping? I was thinking about flipping every 2 hours, but I don't like all the juices running out when I do that. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks
On a New Bransfels smoker you will beat beating your head against the wall trying to keep the temp down and really, if you let it flow naturally... you are going to have a great brisket.

remember at 225, the odds that your meat is going to cook in an envelope of 225 heat is minuscule even if a therm right next to it reads 225. In addition, 225 is damn close to NOTHING land... the zone where nothing but taking on smoke and drying occurs (about 212).

The primary reason briskets take forever to cook and dry out at this temp is because they basically spend a ,lot of time just sitting there.

forget what you have heard and let that smoker cook at its natural temp (depending on the fire) at about 250 - 300 away from the fire inlet and enjoy.
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