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Originally Posted by barbefunkoramaque View Post
Not to be disrespectful... how shall I put this? Do not follow the temp advice here on any type of beef, or pork for that matter.

Sorry If I offended you but I need to draw your attention to the fact I can just about guarantee that if anyone with any credibility says they make a GOOD brisket cooked at 200 degrees they are lying, or do not know what dry and tough means comparatively to a properly cooked brisket.

This Includes the "Legend."


none taken, but your tone was noted.

maybe my thermo is off but i have used this several times and i have not experienced a dry piece of meat yet. i have had both exceptional bbq, and crap that i wouldnt feed my dog so i think i have a pretty good idea about whats good or not. or maybe its a pallet thing, but like i said i have not had any complaints registered too date.

i am cooking on a cheap offset that tends to burn fast and hot so keeping the temps down are often a challenge, maybe i have been running hotter than my target more often than i thought. i now have an et-73 so we will see how this differs from the pit thermo temp.
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