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I basically cook just a few comps a year. Last year, I was only able to do two, 1 KCBS,and 1 FBA. I did help out another team with totaled abt 17 in all.

I tend to only do the smaller events only to help my odds of hopefully getting a decent score to be in the middle of the pack, which I have so far been able to do. Now if there were only "larger" comps, lets say the aforementioned 100 teams, most likely I would be in the bottom 20% give or take a few places. Do you think I would continue competing? Most likely not. So that is why I support the smaller comps. It gives us smaller teams that only due a few a year a place to go and at least have room to spread our elbows out, and have a good time. The large ones are nice, don't get me wrong, but I just don't feel all the comfy there when all of the larger teams that win week after week are there which only makes it harder for me to even want to try... give the small events a boost.

And after reading more, yes, get a push on the backyard teams, who will one day most likely move up to the pro division later on.
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