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i dont know if my approach was right or wrong, but everybody loves it. i usually splash with worchester sauce and evoo then rub with my beef rub. i let it set in the cooler over night and take it out about 1-2 hours prior. get the pit set to about 190-200 and get it on. take it up to 160 where i put it in a foil pan and splash with worcherster and evoo (not alot, just enough to keep it from burning to the bottom of the pan) run it up too 190.

i have done this a day ahead and left it whole thing in the pan and just reheated back up to 160 or so again the next day, let it sit for an hour o so and then cut at half time, or when ever everybody else eats. good luck.

i am doing about 4 or 5 5 lb chucks this weekend. i will use the same method and get about the same results as my brisket but i dont get the shrinkage and the price per pound was the same.
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