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Default My first brisket

Ok so I made an imrpomptu visit to the butcher today and picked up a 7.75lb brisket. I was wondering how long and what I should rub on it? I was thinking of just doing a simple salt, pepper, garlic powder rub and possibly inject some beef broth. However how long do I need that rub to sit on it? Can it be rubbed and put on the UDS right away?

Also I know time and temp don't mean that it's done but ballpark wise about how long do you expect for a brisket. Also I was thinking of cooking until it was ready to pull. For me that seems to be the safest way for me to do it and i like sammies that way.

Foil? Pan it after a certain time?

Also I have pecan and hickory chunks. I was thinking of using both. Good idea? Bad idea?
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