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Originally Posted by thillin
I fry turkey parts all year. You can get drumsticks, thighs or breast. We like the thighs at my house. And with parts, it takes a whole lot less peanut oil.

Peanut oil is a must with the high flashpoint.

Also before the turkey prep, place in the empty pot. Fill with water until turkey is covered. Mark with a piece of tape. Take out bird and emty water. Dry out and fill with oil to tape level.

Slowly dip the bird a little at a time. I dip a little, then pull out, then dip a little more. Then slowly lower in.

Do this, and never have an oil overspill.

Make a wind block to keep from prolonged cooking times.

Enjoy the juiciest bird ever.
Well said bro...frying turkey is
dangerous, or can be without observing a few tips like above.
Do what he said and you will not have a problem.
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