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Tri-Tip is a very forgiving cut of meat. It turns out good cooked several different methods. This causes an over abundance of posting about how to cook tri-tip.
I have seen soo many different recipes and methods of cooking tri-tip that it makes my head spin.

I have cooked tons of tri-tip on a "Santa Maria" style grill with Santa Maria spices. I have cooked tons of tri-tip in my Bushrod smoker with numerous versions of a rub. I have cooked tri-tips on a pitch fork over oak coals for "Cowboy Fondue" I have cooked tri-tip in dutch ovens. I have made tri-tip German Saurbraten. What I am trying to say is---"I have experimented"

Different folks have promoted "sear" -explaining that it holds juices and moisture. Other folks have written articles to debuck the "sear" advantage. Sear after smoking? Sear before smoking? Who do we beleive?

I myself --after years of experiments--choose to cook tri-tips on a "Santa Maria" style grill-----even though I own several smokers. I cater tri-tip almost every weekend and have done so for 20 years. I am not patting my own back ---just explaining that I didn't start experimenting last week-or read something on a forum.

Cooking on an egg is best of all worlds----low and slow or quick and fast can both be accomplished----the "EGG" is awesome. I would suggest experimentation. Cook a tri-tip hot and fast for 45 minutes-----cook a tri tip low and slow for 3 hours. ONLY YOU can determine the best way to cook tri-tip as you like it. All forum entrees have faults---all forum entries have valid points.

The only thing that is constant about tri-tip is the pronounced grain. ALWAYS slice exactlly perpendicular to the grain to obtain maximum tenderness. EVERY DAY somebody posts pictures of tri-tip cut WRONG for optimum tenderness. I have given up adding posts---after pictures are posted---about cutting against the grain. People get upset and I become a jerk, because ther is 10 posts kissing ass about how good it looks and one post from me suggesting better carving methods.

Experiment on your egg----try low and slow VS hot n fast----the tri-tip is forgiving enough that both will be good. YOU decide what is best for you. If you think that carving is not important---cook 2 tri-tips---cut one against the grain and 1 with the grain----try for yourself----do not listen to me---FORM YOUR OWN STYLE.

You can thank me later when someone tells you that YOURS-is the best tri-tip that they ever had. My goal is for you to become a tri-tip expert---get goin'

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