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Originally Posted by Bbq Bubba View Post
Pork is close.
Yield on chicken is 35% MAX! your looking at cooking 150 lbs of chicken? Offer pre portioned chicken breasts instead.
Fords good on the beans.
How do you figure 6 hrs serving if your not there?
Max hold time is 4 hrs so the food needs to be split up and brought out in batches.
I'd be at $10-11 pp for a drop-off.
Good luck Pat!
Thanks Bubba! I guess I am way off on the chicken then. Was going by SoEzzy's spreadsheet saying the yield is 75%. No way am I cooking 150# of chicken

THe 6 hour window is just the length of the open house. Not all the food will be out at the same time...split up like you mentioned. Actually, I don't think the food line will start right when the party does.

Another vote for $10 pp.......seems like I would be low balling myself at 6-7 pp! Thanks again.
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