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Originally Posted by Jorge View Post
I don't know that I disagree with your conclusion based on past history.

However, you are making a huge leap with no facts that I can see to support it. At best your polls indicate apathy, perhaps towards KCBS or perhaps towards the polls themselves. You sample size was too small, you have no data to indicate who was in the sample, etc...

I do think it was a pretty good idea, though. It might help the current board if they did something similar and sent it to the membership. It would be simple to put a well thought out poll on the website, in the member section, and announce it via email and in the Bullsheet. For those without internet access a poll could be included in the Bullsheet to be mailed back.

my .02
I think the KCBS is ahead of you at least they recently did a survey (MMA did it) to find out more about members and their wants. It was however based on gathering demographics to sell the KCBS as an organization to advertisers. All this is mentioned in the May minutes although I think some detail went to BOD members after the meeting. It's all about the money. At least that's my conclusion based on listening to 4 months of meetings and doing a lot of reading and asking questions. By the time membership in general wakes up it will be too late to keep the KCBS like it was and most folks I think want things to be like they used to be. In the May executive session they apparently discussed 4-5 new sponsor opportunities - this was in the public discussion of the meeting.

I'd love to see the KCBS ask members what they want to see the KCBS emphasize. From the recent BOD vote we know the majority think spending on TOY is more important than charity.

And you're correct that I drew some pretty wide reaching conclusions from just a few responses. But my conclusions are not based on the responses but by the lack of responses. So your apathy comment is probably correct. I'm thinking that less than 10% of members are KCBS members but again that's a conclusion based on the last elections.
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