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Originally Posted by Ford View Post
It appears based on the 2 polls I posted that either the Brethren are not members of KCBS or they don't care what direction the BOD moved in. One question I asked how the BOD should spend money such as the new SAMS deal and had about 20 people voted. WIth almost 15000 members it looks like they don't care.

So to read these polls it looks like everybody at the Brethren thinks you are doing a great job. I guess all I can say is keep up the good work.
I don't know that I disagree with your conclusion based on past history.

However, you are making a huge leap with no facts that I can see to support it. At best your polls indicate apathy, perhaps towards KCBS or perhaps towards the polls themselves. You sample size was too small, you have no data to indicate who was in the sample, etc...

I do think it was a pretty good idea, though. It might help the current board if they did something similar and sent it to the membership. It would be simple to put a well thought out poll on the website, in the member section, and announce it via email and in the Bullsheet. For those without internet access a poll could be included in the Bullsheet to be mailed back.

my .02
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