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Both good points. Maybe people just didn't think it was worth while or didn't like the answers. I wanted more detail but polls are limited to 100 characters including the question so you are limited in wording. That's why you can also comment.

Originally Posted by White Dog BBQ View Post
Not sure how it's relevant, but I am a KCBS member -- and I voted for John Markus, Phil, Jeff and other unsuccessful candidates that the Brethren have (informally) gotten behind. I've corresponded with KCBS Board Members and Candidates on KCBS issues. I've also served as a Board member for the Mid-Atlantic BBQ Association.

I still think you are making a huge jump in your conclusion based on the poor response to your polls. Did you consider that the response rate was low because:

  1. They fell on a busy competition weekend.
  2. They were posted on one of the less trafficked forums.
  3. People didn't like the set answers you provided.
  4. People didn't care for the questions you asked.
Quite frankly, I missed your threads because I had a busy weekend and didn't see them. I'm sure I'm not the only one. Either way, I don't think the response rate to your polls is the appropriate gauge of Brethren interest in KCBS affairs.
I had some of those names on m ballots as well (wife was alive then and a member so I got to vote twice). Too bad so many others didn't vote.

I understand your reason for not seeing it but how did that happen? Well it meant that nobody else voted or posted for a couple of days for them to drop off the first page. That means that they read it and chose not to vote or post. To me that says we don't really care or all we want to do is complain.
Originally Posted by bigabyte View Post
Are BOD members still reading these forums?

I voted, but I'm not sure all KCBS members with a keen interest in BOD direction felt the poll was something they needed to answer to get any attention.
I know Merl is because the Dells prize money issue surfaced here on a Sunday and I got a call late Sunday night from Merl who just got back from Repping a contest without having internet and he wanted to know what I knew about it. Monday morning he called Mike Lake (President) and the issue was resolved. I'd still like to hear the whole story on that mess but at least the cooks were looked after.

As to members not caring, I can udnerstand that but I get tired of hearing how the BOD is doing everything wrong yet nobody wants to offer advice to them. There's this false rumor about what goes on in meetings and people should take the time (3-5 hours) to listen to the podcast if they really want to know what's going on. I started listening in Feb by dial in and now listen to the podcasts. Wish all members would have listened to the April podcast. It's a 5 hour eye opener. And May really surprised me at how much time we can spend to design a new banner to hang at all contests. Too bad Phil wasn't on that committee. And I should get my new conpetition Brethren banner tomorrow I hope.
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