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Originally Posted by White Dog BBQ View Post
I understand this was posted with a heavy dose of sarcasm, but what exactly is your point? That somehow the people on this forum are an apathetic bunch because they didn't respond to your polls? Seems like a heck of a jump to me.
My point is a lot of people that do competition here like to complain about how the KCBS does things but when you ask what would you like them to do nobody seems to care. It also explains why some people didn't get elected last year. Either the membership here is generally speaking not KCBS members (less than 1000 out of nearly 15000) or they just don't care. Are you a member of KCBS?
Originally Posted by bbqbull View Post
Sorry I missed these 2 polls Ford.
Can you point them out to me, I am a member of KCBS and would like to vote on the issues.
They are in the competition section and are about a week old now. A few hundred viewed them and only 20 or so cared eough to do something.
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