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Originally Posted by Doc Robinson View Post
Same here. I sanded it down a bit with a hand sander and a wire brush attached to a drill. I didn't get all of it. I decided, "**** it...if it ain't burning off and it ain't sanding ain't cooking off." Besides, after a few cooks, it resides under a thick coating of seasoning. There are quite a few other things in my life that would kill me before some liner on my brisket.
Thank you Doc Robinson!! I've felt like a freak for saying the same thing. I have yet to see **anything** other than the same "info" repeated redundantly numerous times quite frequently with **nothing** to back it up other than "somebody once said somewhere that..."

I'll continue to look both ways before I cross the street and, like you, make decisions based on reputable info available to me.

Now, if somebody would care to post a link to some kind of data showing that this stuff is harmful when put to use in the way we use it, at the temperature range we deal with, I will willingly go along with all the Chicken Littles and proudly announce that the sky is, indeed, falling.
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