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Originally Posted by moda253 View Post
No offense man but I spent about 3 minutes digging just to see how long it would take and have located 10 places I could go to get barrels in WV. Now granted I'm not sure how close any of these places are to where you live but still..... One craigslist add even states "Great for building UDS smokers".

Can't make it up.

I think he was specifically looking for "unlined" drums, as his post originally stated. I had the same problem......lots of lined drums around.....very few unlined drums.

A nice alternative is a used oil drum.........they are unlined, and are relatively easy to cleanup. A raging inferno burnout is not needed.....just a good power-wash and do a couple test burns with your charcoal and wood.....maybe some light sanding if you are paranoid. Plus, even if there is a little oil left in the nooks and crannies, it is not all that harmful. Look at a couple MSDS reports on motor oil. It's not toxic in small quantities.
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