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Thanks for the response Ford!

Originally Posted by Ford View Post
a half pan of beans feeds between 20 and 25 depending on the size of the spoon. Figure 10 - #10 cans with nothing added. If you add 2 cans worth of good stuff then buy 8 cans.

Perfect. Just the info I was looking for!

Drop off only? Are you supplying chaffers to keep it warm for 6 hours? If not I think you have a problem with food safety. No way I'd agree to this. I'd insist on being onsite to supervise.

The food will be kept warm with chaffing dishes and roasters. The extra pans of meat will be held in the customer's oven until they need to refill the line.

pricing 200 people 2 meats and beans - at least $10 per person and that's on the understanding that it's only one serving per person. When food is gone it's gone. Extra helpings make this closer to $15. I'd take cost of 2 briskets and multiply by 4 and add it to the price. Your meat quantities are a minimum as far as I'm concerned and not adequate for a 6 hour buffet.

Wow, I am way under $10 per head. Glad I asked for some opinions! Ok so if you think the quantities are low should I base it on say 225-250 people so I have some extra meat?
The party is a graduation type open house. Not sure if everyone will be eating when they come by if that makes a difference.
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