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Default Advice needed...

I am terrible at pricing catering events! Open house party for 200....drop off only. Food line open for 6 hours. Pulled pork, pulled chicken & beans (similar to Kerry C's). He also wants 2 briskets for him and the lucky folks who get to the party first.

Using SoEzzy's spreadsheet, I am planning on 83# of uncooked pork or 50# cooked, for 4oz sandwiches. I have been using whole chickens to pull. If I assume 75% yield I am thinking 68# of uncooked chicken or 50# cooked. I plan on $9/LB for each meat.

Doing 2 packer briskets around 12# each, and will charge $9/LB.

The beans are where I run into trouble. Not sure on the quantity or how to price them. Like I mentioned above, they are similar to Kerry C's beans....lots of ingredients. Any advice?

If you have the time, could you let me know your thoughts and what you would charge for something similar in your market for the entire menu?

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