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Default UDS Twins Seperated at Birth (Pron)

I've been working on a couple of drums for several weeks now and finally got them completed.

Started with 2 new drums, sandblasted and finished with hi-temp powder coating. Also had the wheels, thermometer and control backings powder coated in red and blue. The chrome parts were cut from a sheet of stainless steel left over from another project and polished. Stainless button head screws were used to hold everything together and RTV adhesive filled any possible air leaks.

The air intake is a similar design as on the last drum I built with air coming up from the bottom directly under the coals but I added a larger cake pan just below the intake control to catch any spark that may find it's way through and prevent wind from getting directly at the intake holes.

The fire basket was built with the expanded metal running an extra 3" down so it can be used like a giant charcoal chimney when starting my coals. It also sits nicely on top of the fish cooker to get it going quickly.

The ash pan is the best improvement on this build. It is held in place with return springs and hooks. This allows you to easily light the charcoal in the basket and also allows for easy dumping of the ash, just un-clip the hooks, dump the ash pan, shake out the coal basket and your ready for the next cook. Thanks to expatpig for the great idea.

After the birth these two where separated. The Red one went to a buddy's house to help cook 10 butts for a graduation party. The blue one traveled over 500 miles to a PNWBA cooking class in Bellingham, WA this past Saturday.

What I have learned: Shiny new UDSs do not stay that way for very long and they cook NO better than the original basic design. I want to build a 85 or 96 gallon drum next. Bet I go back to the original KISS style.
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