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somebody shut me the fark up.
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Originally Posted by BBQchef33
Originally Posted by Arlin_MacRae
Awesome, Kick! That picture of the 'original NB Bandera'...was that a custom name plate on the door? I've got a Made in America 'Dera and it doesn't have that, so either the guy put something original on the door or that is something older.
I Think(and believe the memeory is shot).. I think that was an Oklahoma Joe smoker.. If memory server right, years ago New Braunfels either bought the Bandera from Oklahoma Joes, or just like Brinkman witht he smoke king, copied a design and marketed it. It looks like an OJ logo on that door though.

but whats with the patio block?
NB did buy OJ
OK, that clarifies it! I DID see 1 Bandera with an Oklahoma Joes metal engraved nameplate, so I guess that one would be the original. I figured it was a knock off of the original, kinda like the Brinkman. The one in the picture had the NB nameplate painted on, but it was a stenciled factory job, not something an owner would do . I think the concrete block was to take the "spring" out of the sprung firebox lid. (I have to be careful to not be judgemental here and give the guy a break, the cooker was new to him, and we invited him to check out this board to help him with his futures cooks.)

Another good one to share......KC and I are walking down this long row of cookers and KC says " Hey I think that's Paul Kirk's cooker and van, I seen them on TV when they got stolen a few months back". Sure enough, walk up to the cooker and there's this engraved plate on it "custom made for Paul Kirk by Dave Klose". Now, the amazing thing......KC identifed Kirk's cooker from about 35 yards away!!!!!!!!!!
What an eye!!!
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