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To those who have never been, this event is unlike anything you can imagine. I can only attempt to describe it as, "what would happen if Woodstock and Mardi Gras had a baby that loved BBQ and grew to cover 20 acres". This is the Mecca of BBQ.
In the area that was predominately "open contestants" every 5th space or so had a substantial sound system, every 10th space or so had an out right stage setup. I saw as many kegs of beer as bags of charcoal!
Start making plans now to attend next year. Simply Farkin' Awesome!!!
Kick, when you get time, post the pic of the Frankensmoker and the mod'd Backyard 'dera.
I got pic's of Buzz and Jim, will post them a bit later.
One other observation, Q folk are absolutely the friendliest people on the planet. Every place we even so much as slowed down people said, "Hey, how you doin'" , they answered every question, offered beer or food at every turn.
Jim, was a real pleasure to meet you. Buzz, what can I say Brother except thanks for the hospitality, it was a treat to meet you and the Mrs. and what awesome farking spares! Kick, BellyBro, and BellyBro II, I had another great time hanging with y'all, just one question. Did you go home with the chicken cooker?
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