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Wow! What a day! The weather held out for the most part, which was a good thing!!!

We got to meet a lot of new people, put names and faces together. We ran into KC right off the bat. He had scoped out a few spots already. We met Jim Minion and Ray Lampe (Dr. BBQ). JM is about as nice a guy as you'd ever want to meet. Same with Buzz and his lovely wife, we had a great visit with him. Forgot to take his picture, and I'm sorry for that. We talked with several teams we had competed against this summer at the Boone County Fair. Most of them remember us right off the bat, which really made us feel good, face and name recognition after one cook off couldn't keep me from feeling very proud.

JM had a decent finish in the overall, I think it was 26th. Our buddies, 3 Little Pigs, (that have a table full of AR trophies), and 63 Diner, had a pretty rough go of it. Judging in the invitational seemed to be extremely tough, if I remember correctly the highest score I can remember was like 174 and that was in the brisket catagory.

We went by to see Bill Arnold of Blues Hog fame, and he immediately asked us if we wanted to stay overnight and cook with him. What a great honor to be asked, and if I didn't have to open on Sat. morning it probably wouldn't have taken much arm twisting for us to stay! (OK maybe a little for BellyBro, ;) )

We never bought a drink the whole time we were there, we were well taken care of. We did buy some tokens so we could try some "Texas" brisket. Didn't even come close to what we can turn out.

Pictures to follow. KC, hope you took more than I did! I got to busy visiting!

Forgot to tell you we ran into a guy that was cooking on what appeared to be an original NB Bandera. I asked how he liked it and what mods he had done, he said it was just given to him 2 days before. KC and I sprang into action, and came to his rescue! We had him making a temporary baffle out of foil and a heat shield from a shelf and foil. The guy was very receptive, soaking it all in cause he KNEW he'd come across a couple of guys that knew what they were talking about.

All in all, I bet we saw 25-30 Banderas at the AR.

Next year, The Belly Brothers are comin' to kick ass! Get ready Kansas City!
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