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Default Brisket Flat Cooking Help

It's hard getting packers where I'm at, so I get my flats from Sam's Club (8 - 10 lb range). Actually, today they also had 12, 14 and 15 lb flats...........never seen them that big before!

I generally smoke at 250F in an offset smoker using all wood.
What is the best method for cooking a flat to keep it moist and still get it very tender? Is the method different for a flat than it is for a packer?

- What is the best temp?
- Will foiling during the cook help? (should I add a liquid to the foil?)
- If I have to cook too long to get it tender will it dry out?
- Is it better to cook a larger brisket, like one of those monsters that I mentioned above, rather than a smaller one?
- I hold in a preheated cooler. Is a longer hold time better than a shorter hold time?

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