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Originally Posted by Ron_L View Post
Looks good, Derek! You're getting to be a regular mustard artist!

When you are cooking direct on the Kettle you don't need to use the baskets. Those are designed to hold the charcoal to the side (or sides) for indirect cooks. When I cook things like burger, steaks, chops, etc., I build my fire on half of the kettle and leave the other half empty. the way I have a direct cooking area for searing and getting good color and grill marks, and also an indirect area in case I need to move something away from the heat. I also use that area to finish my meats. I sear over a very hot fire on the direct side and then move the meat to the indirect side to come up to my desired temp.
LOL, thanks bro about the mustard artist. LOL!

Also thank you for the tip, will this help adhere the burgers together so they don't fall apart on first flip?
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