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Dude go buy two shees of 12"x24" expanded metal fro HD. Also get a cheapy 13" grate. Get 4 1/4" bolts with washers and nuts and a little bit of metal wire. bolt the pieces of expanded metal using 2 bolts with washers and nuts. Now roll the expanded metal and secure the two ends with the other two bolts washers and nuts. Put your grate in there and wire it to the expanded metal about 2 inches in. Now take some more wire and cut a piece about 5 feet long. Fold it in half. Twist it up, secure one end to one side of your basket, secure the other end to the other side.

You have a fire basket in about 20 minutes worth of work. Stick a pizza pan under it.

Originally Posted by Southern Home Boy View Post
Ok guys... I KNOW there's the UDS thread (Monster of all Monster Threads) and I'm pretty sure the answer to my question is in there somewhere, but I just don't have the patience right now to go through the entire post looking for it.

SO... my question is; What is the average cost to have a metal shop fab a firebasket for you? I have no welding skills, equipment or nearby friends who do, and I'm about to make my first authentic UDS. I need a firebasket. I've seen lots of non-welded pics and they look great (no pun intended) and I'll do it that way if I need to, but for some reason, I like the neatness (I know... it's a UDS.... "Neatness" has nothing to do with it) of the welded baskets.

An alternative I was considering was buying a Smokey Joe or similar small portable grill, sacrificing the lid and using the bottom bowl of the grill as the firebasket. My only concern with that would be whether or not you could get enough air to the coals to keep it up to temp. Has anyone tried this?
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