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Originally Posted by got14u View Post
Get one of these and never guess again>>>
there are to many variables when dealing with a substances like salt. brand differences and so on.

I had one and it broke, thanks for the link, I'll order a new one and add some of 3rd eye's stuff into it when I update it.

Like I do with pizza, I weigh the ingredients instead of just broad cup sizes. Cups sizes are only go for TWO things

One more think. Brining and Marinading are not the same. they way I've always been told is that Brines are based on Salinity and Marinades are based on Acidity. Because it's Acid, it won't penetrate like a brine does (which can go all the way, marinades only the first 1/2 to 1/4 inch or so)

Salt = Brine
Acid = Marinade
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