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Default Heat diffuser & Pron

OK, so I started thinking about making a heat diffuser for my latest build. I thought it would help even out the temps between the top and bottom cooking racks.

I found a 1/8" piece of plate steel in my uncle's garage, cut out my design, added a handle for easy placing, and brought it home. This is what I ended up with:

This pic was taken after my latest cook. Did the heat diffuser work? Better than I had hoped. Not only are the 2 racks closer to even in temps, but the bottom thermometer (which is actually closer to the coals) is actually 10* - 15* COOLER than the upper rack. Considering the bottom rack WAS registering about 80* - 90* hotter, I'd say that is a huge improvement. I now have 2 totally usable cooking racks. Can't wait for a chance to load them both up!

As for my latest cook...



Everything came out great. The meat was all very juicy and delicious. You can kinda see the smoke ring on the pork loin (more visable around the bottom).

I used 2 completely new rubs and smoked with Apple wood. It was even done alot sooner than I thought it would be.
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