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Originally Posted by landarc View Post
BTW, in my book, this is not an epic fail, let's not be drama queens about this. Epic fail is more like...'I went inside to get a camera and when I came out I heard a fwoosh and the deck was on fire, I lost all of my pepper plants, the Weber melted but, good thing is, the vet said the dogs tail would be fine after the first 2 surgeries'

You just had an oddly shaped stromboli today. Shall we say well vented. And a stromboli that size only needs one egg worth of wash, and it should be a very thin wash at that.
I might also add "the Harley only has paint damage and the cat will require retrreads after his 100 MPH jog through the neighborhood". Now that would be an epic failure.

Originally Posted by Jaberwabee View Post
I don't see a problem
I agree

Originally Posted by PatioDaddio View Post
No worries, Derek! If you're not learning, you're not growing; and if you ain't growing, you're dying.

Most of all I agree with John.

Remember my motto "Never give up and looks ain't everything"

I have never tried pizza etc. (need a stone) So no words of wisdom from me only words of encouragement,
Keep on swingin'

"Brown it's cookin', black it's done"....................Dad.
Guess that is why he was truck driver, not a chef......
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