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I think we need both as a new member and new judge. I'm striving to make better Q for me and mine. I don't see myself competing any time soon.
That said there are a lot of Non profit hospitals that make huge money, its all about dividends that not being paid. Yes the money is out there and has to be recycled into KCBS how and where will become even more contentious over time.
As a sport there is one perspective, its a competition. Be it a 'sand lot' or 'Yankee stadium.' I personally am disgusted with how sports evolve into the big money contracts over/instead of love of the game. I could go into a rant but...

Is our goal goal to promote egos or BBQ. I'm not dissing our winners not by a long shot the ones here (the only ones I 'know') are extremely generous with sharing their knowledge and experience.

At MN in May there were probably 30-40% new judges. (Popped my Judge cherry) I didn't get much of chance to talk to the teams, couldn't before judging and everyone looked either busy or tired afterwards. The rigs I saw damn. I'm having trouble just hiding some money aside to finish my UDS. I know its not the cooker its the cook but looking at some of the setups you have to wonder if that isn't what we tell ourselves.

Will KCBS embrace the Brethren motto? And maybe that is the challenge and question for them. And also for US, do we want KCBS to be more like the Brethren?
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